Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, UCF, 2013.


Curator – Time Waste Management’s A Place Gallery (2015-2016)

Director & Curator – Picture Garden (2013-present) – flexible exhibition spaces.

Art Educator – Mennello Museum of American Art (2012-2013)

Selected Exhibitions:

the slip of the tongue unveils the cuts from your teeth, A Place Gallery, 2016.

keep me in your prayers/fears, A Place Gallery, 2016.

*says color theory once*, Gatlin Creative, 2015.

TONE, Art in Odd Places, 2015.

Late to the Party, Picture Garden, 2015.

RARE, Canvs by Takeover, 2015.

Nude Nite Orlando, 2015.

It Happened Live, Picture Garden, 2014.

One Big Nacho, St. Matthews, 2014.

Daily City Pop-Up, 2014.

ACRYLIC ON GARBAGE, Picture Garden, 2014.

When Algorithms Aren’t Enough, The Gallery at Avalon Island, 2014.

White (fill, void), Picture Garden, 2013.

There Ain’t No Blank Slate, Picture Garden, 2013.

Under One Roof, UCF Gallery, 2013.

STEAM, UCF Gallery, 2013.

STEAM, UCF Gallery, 2012,

UCF Print Collective, Maitland Art Center, 2011.

The Last Show on Earth, Gallery Twelve21, 2011.















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September 14, 2015