Bio & Statement

My practice begins with history of painting as the nexus of a body of work that exists across different media in the tradition of Gesamtkunstwerk. I use paint, the camera, the sewing machine, open-source software, and the body interchangeably to explore mythologies and systems as they relate to own identity politics and a wider perspective of global events.

Grounded within the history and context of painting, my studio practice deals with the literal and psychological infrastructures that shape our quotidian experience. The works are literary spaces with which I interrogate tropes of painterliness and the artist in the studio.

My work is directly informed by my upbringing as a non-binary child growing up in a Neo-Colonial family. The complexities of navigating multiple cultures and environments as part of an Evangelical missionary family that was based in the Philippines and the US are compounded by my queer status.

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September 14, 2015